EGC tomorrow

Tomorrow, Girlwing and I will go to Leksand for the EGC 2008. For you who don't know what EGC is, I can tell you that it is the European Go Congress and for the first time it will take place in Sweden, which most of us are very excited about..

After dinner we will start packing for the two week stay in beautiful Leksand. I guess we will take a lot of stuff with us. I will at least bring two WeiQi sets and one XiangQi set. Then we need clothes for two weeks, cameras, books and a lot of other stuff. It will probably be too much to carry. :P

During our stay at the EGC in Leksand we will compete in a couple of WeiQi tournaments and the social life between games. I will try to write something now and then. Maybe I write about my games and maybe I will mention other players games. There will probably be something to tell about the social activities that happen during these two weeks and the special national theme days. We will see... :)


Quizas said...

Boywing and Girlwing, what a great couple! Go, Boywing! :-)

Smernaz said...

Link to others who blog about EGC, that way you do not need to write anything youself. :)