Professional game

Today there was an arrangement for us to see real live professional games. They picked us upp with buss and we went to a go club. There we first had the chance to play against chinese amateurs. Most of them were strong players. I played aganst a strong 2 dan amateur. I recieved 4 stones of handicap and I had to resign after half the game. The beginning of the game looked good for me. I had a really large group that he invaded. It looked like that I managed to capture his stones but he got out and my two halves had problem and one side died. Other played weak 2 dans and had a more even game. Bad luck for me to get the strong 2 dan.

Then small groups of us took turn to go in to the professionals. One of them was Lee Sedol. He looked like a disco pimp in his white clothes. Someone took pictures there and Sedol complained so everybody did not get a chance to see the professionals play. Too bad...

After the games we went to an expensive restaurant nearby where we had dinner with a couple of professionals. The clubs strongest pro sat a while at every table and answered our questions like "When did you start playing weiqi?", "When did you become pro?", "Does it ever get boring?" and so on. The same questions at every table but he was very kind and answered patiently.

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