After three years of vacation, the downloadable PDF go magazine Suji is back with its fourth issue.

Now they aim at an international audience instead of just players from Switzerland. This is probably a smart move because it will be easier to get people to contribute with material and the magazine will get more readers.

It is a well designed magazine consisting of totally 19 pages including the covers. There are plenty of images and colors on most pages. I believe this magazine can have a nice future and I look forward to the next issue in the end of March. I expect the following issues to have more pages but I would be happy even with less. I think it is more important to keep a steady release cycle than to have a perfect magazine and many pages.

In this issue we can find:
  • Editors note
  • iPhone/iPad commercial (no mention of alternative platforms like webOS or Android)
  • Game review
  • Go theory lecture, Solid openings
  • Go problems
  • A cry for help
  • Letters from the readers
I hope they find the inspiration to keep creating many more new issues in the future.

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