I am currently at the WWRUG10 conference in Las Vegas. The WWRUG (World Wide Remedy User Group) is a community gathering around the Remedy tools and applications provided by BMC. This is the first time I am attending the RUG and I hope to be able to attend again in the future. Two persons have attended all of the RUGS and several have attended ten times or more. My guess is that around a quarter of us are here for the first time ever.

One new "cool" thing presented was an iPad version of the SRM interface. Some think this is great and I just wonder, Why?. Who needs to order stuff from their iPad, if you have one? I would see a larger need to have an interface for incidents and tasks for technicians on the run. Then even iPad is a bit bulky and you would need access with your Android/iOS/webOS/whateverOS smart phone. Maybe I am just confused about this new iPad product? We will see in a short future what it will become.

I was hoping to post blog entries at least once a day when I am here but I don't have Internet access. Now I am able to borrow a computer with Internet access so I can post this entry. I will write something more when I get home again.


pel said...

Hm. At first I thought - "Wow. Clever idea! Great if you work in a warehouse with logistics!". You'd have to engineer some sort of butt ugly frontend first though.. Then my brain kicked in and remembered which applications SRM did not integrate with... But maybe this is old knowledge by now - does SRM integrate with asset management/procurement these days?

You're right. What where they thinking!?

Anonymous said...

Aeroprise and BMC Software already offer mobile incident, change and asset management apps. SRM was a natural extension for us to bring a service catalog to the masses. And since SRM integrates with ITSM, the requests are automatically channeled through the Remedy workflows to the techs who fulfill them on their not-quite-so-butt-ugly UI.

You can try the apps for free at aeroprise.com/demo

- Alf