Train to Norrland

Girlwing and I are taking the tran to Norrland. She slept the whole trip, lazy girl.


Андрей said...

what is book on table?

thank you,

Boywing said...

The book on the table is "Fuseki" from Yutopian.


"The Fuseki Small Encyclopedia covers basic opening strategy for the game of go.
Although a few common corner openings (joseki) are discussed, the idea here is to
concentrate on applying the basic principles of whole-board openings (fuseki) so
you can choose the joseki that is the most suitable for the whole-board position.
After reading this book, you will find it easier to figure out what is important on
the board and what to do when your opponent departs from the flow of the game.

Thirteen chapters examine the full spectrum of go openings, which are divided into
twenty-nine specific patterns and strategies. The traditional order of play is emphasized -
(1) empty corners; (2) a corner enclosure (shimari); (3) an approach of pincer; (4) an
extension along the side; then lastly, (5) a jump out into the center - but popular
departures from this order, such as three star points in a row (senrensei) and the
Chinese fuseki, are given considerable coverage.

In addition, 94 openings are included from professional games from study."