Moyo Go Free Forever

Frank de Groot, the developer of Moyo Go Studio, seem to have given up with the development of one of the most powerful go programs on the market. He is no longer selling the product but are instead giving it away for free.

He claim to have a lot of enemies in the go community and it seem to be caused by aggressive competition among the commercial go program developers on one side and on the other side the fact that he say that he is not sure that people ever was gassed or incinerated by the Nazis.

He seem to be a smart but odd person. Too bad the software and its customers have to suffer. When he have such controversial ideas of what happened during the second world war, he should keep it to himself. Especially if he have a commercial interest in selling his software. Also it might not have been smart to proclaim a war against those who opposed him, no matter who started the conflict.

If he intend to never develop or sell the product again, I hope that he will let it be open source so other developers can continue the work and maybe even port it to Linux. I have been very interested in the program since I first read about it on the Internet, but I was never able to try it out because I use Linux and it is a Windows only program.

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