Swedish Championship 2010

It is time for the Swedish Championship 2010. More precisely the games will be played 14-16 May.

This year it will be played in Norrköping southeast of Stockholm. It is the first time that the Championship is played in Norrköping and the proud organizers are so far doing an impressive job. It will be interesting to see how well they will deliver when all the players arrive.

There have been a lot of discussion of how to make the championship more interesting. So for the first time we are trying out a system that makes the 16 strongest Swedish citizens  play a knock-out. All the weaker players and the players without Swedish citizenship (like Girlwing) are playing a regular six rounds McMahon. After each round, the players who lost their game of the top 16 will be paired in with the rest in the open McMahon tournament. When only the two strongest players are left, they will play a best of three, so the first one of them with two wins will be the new Swedish Champion.

I and Girlwing are planning to attend so I really wish we both can go. Sometimes work is stealing our weekends but let's hope it will not do this time. So we'll see you in Norrköping!

If you have any questions you can discuss it in our forum.

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