New workplace

Now I have moved to a new workplace. Down to the dungeons, far away from the coffee machine. It is a room for 24 persons and so far we are 14 here. There have been no actions taken to reduce the noise from people talking and the wall paint is a sharp orange color from the 70th. We probably have to live with the ugly colors, but I heard that there is some hope for getting some noise reduction in the form of plants and soft screens.

During planning everybody was fighting to get a window seat, except me. I picked the seat far away from the windows in the back of the room. I am a bit more light sensitive than my colleagues and I don't want to annoy them, and me, by pulling down the shades every day.

In the picture here, you can see my small workspace. People tease me for my big fat monitor. I am almost the only one at work still using a CRT. But I am picky about the resolution. I am using 1600x1200 and if I take an 19" LCD that they offer I will get a resolution of 1280x1024. So I rather let them tease me and wait until I can get the LCD displays with 1920x1200 resolution. They exist in the market but it takes a good while until my work decides to bring them in. Actually last week I saw that they now offer 26" LCD widescreens. 26" is a lot... 24" or less would be enough. I will ask my boss and see what she will say about it. The small LCD to the right in the picture is not mine. It was put there by mistake. I let it be for now...

On my big fat screen you can see a pro weiqi game. It is my screen-saver program sgfsaver that is replaying the weiqi pro games on random. On my small laptop screen you can see an old background image I made using povray. It say "ARS". Actually it is not my default background... I put it there only for the picture. :)


Smernaz said...

I guess you've seen speshuls pictures how we sitting.

Boywing said...

Yes I saw that. You have sound reducing screens around each workplace. We don't have that... So every sound echoes around the room for a dozen times.